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Producing the Best and the Brightest

"Morehouse encouraged an ethic of excellence in my scholarly pursuits."
                                             - Joshua Packwood, Valedictorian, Class of 2008

As a student at Morehouse College , Martin Luther King Jr. ’48 also found a culture of excellence.  It was at Morehouse that the future Nobel Peace Prize winnner would be influenced and inspired by men like President Benjamin E. Mays and theologian Howard Thurman '23, who challenged individuals to “grow tall enough to wear the crown that God has placed above your head.”

For generations, one of Morehouse's central priorities has been giving the world competent, caring, creative leaders, men of intellect and character.  Your donation can help Morehouse build upon its proud heritage and rise even higher among the finest liberal arts colleges in the nation.

By supporting the College, you provide the resources to support Morehouse's priorities: great students, outstanding faculty, a curriculum that meets the demands of the 21st century, and a quality campus infrastructure.

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• Recruiting and Retaining Outstanding Faculty
• Enriching the Academic Experience
• Improving the Physical Plant

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