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Sustaining Core Programs, Launching New Initiatives

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
                                                                         - Mahatma Gandhi

Every gift to The Annual Fund makes a difference, even the smallest one.  And because gifts to The Annual Fund are unrestricted, they can be used to purchase something that wouldn't otherwise be available to students.  Here are just a few ways your unrestricted donations go to work for Morehouse:

  • $40 buys a book for an international studies student.

  • $100 provides transportation for Emma and Joe Adams community service projects.

  • $250 helps one student attend the Honda All-Star Quiz Bowl.

  • $1,000 upgrades a computer cluster.

  • $2,500 funds senior thesis research.

  • $6,250 sends a student abroad for summer study.

  • $30,000 grants an average financial aid package.

And the list goes on and on.

In addition, giving to the Annual Fund helps Morehouse sustain core programs and launch new initiatives, for example “Classrooms Without Borders.”

Classrooms Without Borders
Donors help the College create an invigorating world where students can sit in a lecture room in Atlanta and have a discussion with a world leader thousands of miles away.  With donor funds as well as federal grants, Morehouse was able to convert several classrooms in Dansby Hall and the Leadership Center into “smart classrooms” designed to provide students and faculty with interactive learning tools, as well as technology that lends itself to video-conferences, collaborative workshops and multimedia seminars.


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