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A Legacy of Excellence

Morehouse College, long known as “the Harvard of the South,” is the nation’s premier institution for educating African American men.

Joining the Morehouse brotherhood can be a potent attraction for prospective students who yearn to claim as fellow graduates people like Martin Luther King Jr., Shelton “Spike” Lee, Maynard Jackson, David Satcher, Samuel L. Jackson, Louis Sullivan, Edwin Moses and many others.

For some students, however, when it comes to deciding which college to attend, the bottom line is finances.  One of the College’s greatest areas of concern is scholarship support for deserving students.  With 94 percent of the student body depending on financial aid, the College considers financial assistance one of its most critical areas of concern.

In these challenging economic times, a gift to Morehouse will mean the College can continue to attract top students by offering competitive scholarships and financial assistance.

Your gift ensures that this legacy of excellence continues to produce a new generation of leaders, men who will make a difference in their communities, the nation and the world. 


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