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Preserving and Promoting Scholarly Resources

"I bring to Morehouse a real commitment to student development and junior faculty development. ... We want to give them the right guidance, right direction."
                     - Dr. Terry Mills, Dean, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

In its efforts to promote excellence, Morehouse College is committed to instilling in its students an appreciation for scholarly and cultural resources.  In that vein, the College relies on the support of donors who believe in its mission of educating future leaders.  Gifts to support the Martin Luther King Jr. Collection, the proposed Center for the Arts and the Leadership Center at Morehouse College advance the cause of developing “Renaissance leaders with a social conscience.”

Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. Collection
By donating to Morehouse College, you can help promote the preservation and study one of the greatest American archives of the 20th century, the Martin Luther King Jr. Collection. This monumental collection is noteworthy because it contains 10,000 items dating from 1946 to 1968, and includes handwritten drafts of Dr. King’s famous speeches and writings, including his “I Have a Dream” speech and his Nobel Peace Prize
acceptance speech.

The Morehouse College Center for the Arts
The late music legend Ray Charles' $2 million gift was seed money for the proposed Morehouse College Center for the Arts.  The planned site, which includes the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center and the Morehouse Music Education Building, is further evidence of the College’s commitment to enhance the study of the arts in its world-class liberal arts education.  The completion of this Center will materially enhance the College’s legacy of leadership in the arts.

The Leadership Center at Morehouse College
Gifts to the Leadership Center at Morehouse College help train and transform a new generation of leaders who will address pressing contemporary social concerns from an ethical perspective, especially those issues affecting the African American community.


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