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Financing the Future

Ninety-four percent of students attending Morehouse depend on some form of financial assistance.

Nationwide, the cost of a college education is stretching family budgets more and more each year, and the cost of a Morehouse education can be daunting for many.  Tuition alone runs $18,500 a year.  Add in the cost of room and board, student fees, books and other expenses and the total can exceed $30,000.

Still, Morehouse remains the college of choice for African-American men because they value what the College has to offer: a nurturing environment, opportunities for service, a reputation for excellence and a legacy of producing leaders.

Financial aid enables Morehouse to attract high-caliber students who might otherwise choose to go elsewhere. Unrestricted gifts to the College help provide scholarship assistance and, thus, enable students to meet their financial needs.

By giving to the College, donors ensure that students from all backgrounds and cultures can receive the benefits of a Morehouse education.

Another way donors can make a difference – and at the same time honor individuals or family members -- is by giving to a named scholarship fund.  No gift to Morehouse provides a more enduring testament to a loved one.

Undergraduates who benefit from the largesse of donors often become alumni who give back, creating a never-ending chain of support and generosity that links generation upon generation.


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