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The Martin Luther King Jr. Collection

"Because of the pivotal role Morehouse played in Dr. King's development, we believe there is no better place in the world for his papers to reside."
                             - Morehouse President Emeritus Walter E. Massey '58

Through the efforts of a group of prominent Atlantans, a 10,000-piece collection of handwritten notes, unpublished sermons and memorabilia of Martin Luther King Jr. ’48 narrowly avoided the auction block and now makes its home at Morehouse College, alma mater of the man whose drum-major instinct for peace and justice was first ignited here.

The $32 million purchase paved the way for the papers to reside permanently at the College that nurtured King and instilled in him the leadershp qualities that were crucial to the civil rights movement. The papers, which include drafts of King's "Letter From Birmingham Jail" and his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, are owned by Morehouse and housed in the Woodruff Library, where they will be made available for research, public access and exhibits.

The people who taught and mentored King at Morehouse shaped his philosophies and theories, which in turn helped shape the man and the movement. Morehouse College is proud to be a part of this effort to protect and preserve America’s history.


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