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Giving Community

"Alma mater" is Latin for abundant or providing mother.

Morehouse values its relationship with alumni and friends and appreciates their willingness to give back to the College that nurtured and abundantly provided for them during their student days.  President Robert M. Franklin ’75 urges alumni to protect and support Morehouse as she has done for them.

Our alumni, numbering some 15,000 strong, not only make donations to the College, they  act as volunteers and mentors and represent Morehouse wherever they go.

Like alumni, friends of the College serve a variety of roles that help advance Morehouse. They may host events at their homes or facilitate relationships from which the College can benefit.

We encourage alumni and friends to do all they can do to continue to make Morehouse “Morehouse.”

The mission of the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations is to support the work of the Office of Institutional Advancement and, thus, advance Morehouse College.

The Corporate and Foundation Relations unit seeks to accomplish its mission by garnering the necessary resources from the corporate and foundation community to allow Morehouse to remain competitive with other world-class institutions. To raise funds for the College, the unit’s goals include generating increased support for Morehouse’s key funding initiatives, increase corporate presence on the campus and develop opportunities for extensive interaction, and identify and successfully link institutional priorities with appropriate funding sources.

Every fall, parents entrust their sons to Morehouse, and in the process, they become an important part of the College family.  Some parents have relationships that enable the College to make connections with corporations, foundations and individuals with the means to become major donors.  We value the willingness and ability of parents to help Morehouse build on past successes and continue its tradition of excellence.


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