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Bridging the Gap

"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle."
                                                                                            - Buddha

Alumni, parents and friends help sustain Morehouse College’s legacy, leadership and new initiatives with gifts to The Annual Fund.  Those donations provide unrestricted dollars that support key activities at the College.  They also help bridge the gap between the funds generated by tuition and fees and the actual cost of educating a student.
Gifts to The Annual Fund allow Morehouse to do many things.  Using its Annual Fund donations, the College is able to tap resources for immediate needs, offer financial aid to students who need it, enhance opportunities for teaching and learning, and improve the College’s historic campus.
Unrestricted gifts to The Annual Fund allow Morehouse to determine how the funds will be spent, whether it's helping a student buy books, providing money for international study, hiring a world-class scholar or purchasing equipment for the chemistry lab. 
For young alumni, a donation to The Annual Fund can launch them on a lifetime of giving.  For more established donors, it's an investment in Morehouse's future.
Even a small gift to The Annual Fund can pay big dividends.


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