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Use the following links to:

Create a Lifetime E-mail Account
Login to NetCommunity
Manage Multiple E-mail Accounts

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 Create a Lifetime E-mail Account

Sign up for Lifetime E-mail today:

1. Go to the Morehouse Lifetime E-mail Account Setup page at

2. Use your temporary username (first name [dot] last name and class year -- for example: and password (p@ssw0rd -- the "0" is a zero) to login to Account Setup page.

3. Complete the input form. (Note: You may need to scroll down to view the entire form.)

4. Click the "I Accept" button. Your new e-mail inbox will appear. You have successfully set up your Lifetime E-mail account.

5. Complete the process by registering as a new NetCommunity user. Click on My NetCommunity. (Skip to Step 4 below.)

Login to NetCommunity

The Morehouse Alumni NetCommunity is the ideal way to stay connected to alumni and experience the Renaissance happening at Morehouse. Member benefits include: access to alumni chapter web pages, online publications, events and ticket information, career center, your giving history and much more.

(If you've already created a Lifetime E-mail account, skip to Step 4 below.)

Register as a new NetCommunity user now:

1. Visit the Alumni & Friends page at

2. Click on the My Account button.

3. Click on Account Setup.

4. Click the button marked Login.

5. Enter your temporary username and password. (See instructions in Step 2 above.)

6. Go to Update My Profile on the navigation bar at the left side of the page.

7. Review your address, mobile phone, home phone, etc. Make any necessary changes. (In this section, please create a PERMANENT username and password of your choice.)

8. Click on the Update button at the bottom of the page. You will receive confirmation that your registration is complete.

Manage Multiple E-mail Accounts

Do you have more than one e-mail account? Are you tired of keeping track of multiple usernames and passwords? What if you could keep your current accounts and have all of your incoming e-mail arrive in one easy-to-use, convenient inbox?

Morehouse Alumni Lifetime E-mail lets you consolidate all your e-mail accounts into one place with your new domain name.

The inbox display will clearly show which service handled your e-mail. You can choose to "reply through" any service you choose -- your work account, your personal account (such as Google, Yahoo or Hotmail) or your account.

Organizing your accounts within your domain is easy, too. Using a Microsoft Outlook interface, you can set up folders to quickly and easily keep track of all your inbox, outbox, draft, and other folders. It's simple and flexible!

Manage multiple e-mail accounts now:

1. Set up your Lifetime E-mail account. (See instructions above.)

2. Login to NetCommunity. (See instructions above.)

3. Click on the Mail Room button.

4. Access your e-mail.

5. For instructions on how to consolidate your e-mail accounts, click on this link: 


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